Friday, November 28, 2014

Cedar Key, Florida # 2

View out Treky's rear window - The world at peace with its self.

The campground owners have provided "poop bags".  I ALWAYS keep a roll of poop bags in my pocket but it's nice that the campground provides them.

The Adablue Cafe serves breakfast and lunch.  For lunch one day, I had a Grouper sandwich.  Grouper and Red Snapper are favorite fish along the Gulf of Mexico coastline.  Look at Tippy sniffing.  He likes Grouper too.

That's Treky backed up  to  the Gulf of Mexico.  He's the fourth one from the left.  If I'm counting correctly, we have ten SoloTrekers here. That's excellent company for the Thanksgiving holiday meal.

In addition to the indoor seating area, Adablue Cafe offers a screened-in dining area - The weather here is pretty good year round so that area is frequently used and it's nice to have a warm breeze during lunch.  I like it.

Need firewood?  The campground sells it.

Tippy's favorite building at the campground is the smoke house.  The day I took this picture, they were "smoking" pork ribs.  The odor was so wonderful that I had to pick Tippy up to get him away from there.  He would have been content to just sit there and "sniff".

WiFi permitting, we will show and tell about our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy & Treky, Living the Life We Like

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