Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cedar Key, Florida - Last Day

Tippy, Treky and I hate to leave Cedar Key - It is truly "Old Florida" - The nearest fast food restaurant is 40+ miles away near Gainesville.  At night, there are no lights - just the moon and ten million stars that would not be visible in a city environment.  Cool nights, warm sunny days, and the soft sound of the Gulf of Mexico water lapping at the rocks a few feet behind Treky all combine to make us say, "Life is Good".  Best, however; food and conversation with friends make a complete life.

A seafood platter, that I enjoyed at Adablue Cafe

Some of my good Solotreker buddies with whom I enjoyed several meal and hours of good conversation.  

The President of Roadtrek International, a chapter of Family Motor Coach Association holding a Solotreker's best friend.

Have I mentioned that Adablue Cafe hand-manufactures and sells "homemade" fudge?

Many varieties of fudge

And more - Tippy is now allowed to eat fudge and I feel bad eating around him when he cannot share so I didn't buy any but I wish.

We leave here early in the morning and will be home for a couple of weeks and then head to Pasadena, California- - - See you then

Ron, Tippy & Treky

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cedar Key, Florida - Thanksgiving Day

The day started foggy and cold but the weather channel promised that it would get sunny and warmer.

One thing I have failed to mention about the campground is its cable TV - See the small gray wire?  That's the cable TV cable connection running from Treky to the campground pedestal - We get 27 channels which allowed me to watch football, Seinfeld, and Big Bang Theory.  More importantly, I can see the Iron Bowl game Saturday between Alabama and Auburn - the biggest rivalry game in my home state, Alabama.  For many years it was played in Birmingham (hence the name Iron Bowl) but now it is played in Tuscaloosa.

 The campers begin to gather - Serving time is 1:30 pm but we are all eager to taste the Thanksgiving goodies.  The campground owners provide and cook the ham and the turkey and each camping family furnish sides and deserts.  (Tippy and I are considered a camping family).  Note that it is warm enough for some folks to wear shorts - no cold-natured Ron.

This is a portion of one of the tables containing the turkey, ham and sides.  I sliced up a plate full of South Carolina-grown tomatoes as my side contribution - I'm not much of a cook and even I could not make too big of a mistake slicing tomatoes.  At the end of the meal, all of the tomatoes were gone so I guess they were acceptable as a side.

This was the desert table.  Desert receipts from all over the United States and from all American cultures were featured here.  My favorite unusual deserts were chocolate covered peanut brittle and angle food cake covered in cranberries and dipped in chocolate - can you even imagine this?

After the Thanksgiving meal, the ten of us Solotrekers gathered in the campground club house to talk about our travel plans for 2015 and to tell tall tales about our past travels.  This is our third year to attend this Thanksgiving gathering with the Solotrekers  - They and their animals have become my and Tippy's family. That's "ole Ron" in the middle.

We'll be here a couple more days and WiFi permitting, we'll post to the blog.

Ron, Tippy, & Treky 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Cedar Key, Florida # 2

View out Treky's rear window - The world at peace with its self.

The campground owners have provided "poop bags".  I ALWAYS keep a roll of poop bags in my pocket but it's nice that the campground provides them.

The Adablue Cafe serves breakfast and lunch.  For lunch one day, I had a Grouper sandwich.  Grouper and Red Snapper are favorite fish along the Gulf of Mexico coastline.  Look at Tippy sniffing.  He likes Grouper too.

That's Treky backed up  to  the Gulf of Mexico.  He's the fourth one from the left.  If I'm counting correctly, we have ten SoloTrekers here. That's excellent company for the Thanksgiving holiday meal.

In addition to the indoor seating area, Adablue Cafe offers a screened-in dining area - The weather here is pretty good year round so that area is frequently used and it's nice to have a warm breeze during lunch.  I like it.

Need firewood?  The campground sells it.

Tippy's favorite building at the campground is the smoke house.  The day I took this picture, they were "smoking" pork ribs.  The odor was so wonderful that I had to pick Tippy up to get him away from there.  He would have been content to just sit there and "sniff".

WiFi permitting, we will show and tell about our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy & Treky, Living the Life We Like

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cedar Key, Florida

The road to Cedar Key - driving through a tunnel of Oaks

Sunset Isle RV Park - Old Florida - 1960'ish with modern hookups

Sunset Isles RV Park has a wonderful restaurant named, "Idablue Cafe".

At the Adablue Cafe, I had for breakfast: 2 eggs sunny side up; 2 strips crisp bacon; 2 slices sour dough toast; hugh pile of hash brown potatoes; and great coffee. Camping is tough.  Ha.

While I was eating breakfast, I watched them make fudge - They sell and make about 12 different kinds of fudge - I expect to lose a little weight while I am here.

WiFi is getting weak.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Tippy, Treky and I are very very thankful - We live a wonderful life and you are part of that life. Thank you.

See you tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy, & Treky

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Going to Cedar Key, Florida

You see these birds in the ditches along side the secondary roads in Florida.  Treky says that Florida has the best secondary roads in the United States.  They are flat, straight and smooth.  I guess he would know as in the last three years, one Treky or another has traveled over 120,000 miles - All three of us enjoyed every mile - No accidents, traffic tickets or traffic issues of any kind.

Gas is $2.68 down here in Florida and Treky with the added weight only gets 16.6 miles per gallon.  We're happy with that!

Speaking of gas, before Treky's changes, the gas filler port was very near the rear bumper.  Now it's amid ships.  I notice it when I'm pulling up to a gas pump trying to align the pump and the filler port - again - We're happy!

Tippy loves to stop where there is a dog run - He can run free.  He likes that.

But after a few trips around the dog run, Tippy wants  back in Treky and Go Go Go Go - That dog loves Treky.

One of many things that Tippy and I like about Florida is Sonny's Baby Back Ribs.  We try to eat at Sonny's at least once every trip down here.

It's 65 degrees (high) and raining hard here at Cedar Key - Not good for taking pictures - should be better this afternoon.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Small Town America - Bushnell, Florida

Let's explore Bushnell, Florida - Tippy agrees if we do it in Treky.  Then he can stay warm, cool, dry or whatever and can sleep when it gets boring.

First we check to see how our solar panel is doing - It's hard to see but the solar panel is charging the batteries at 1.0 watts.  There is no sun and it is very cloudy - yet the solar panels are working.  When the batteries are full, the solar panels just adds a trickle charge (minimum).

 This is the Sumter County courthouse - very ornate - I can picture a bunch of old men sitting around whittling on Saturday mornings.  Bushnell, Florida is the county seat of Sumter County.

There are three monuments to Sumter County Americans killed during the wars.  These are located in front of the Courthouse.  The large one in the center lists at the top World  War I service people - under that is the list of World War II service people and then under that the Korean War  and under that  the Vietnam Era war.  The two smaller monuments on each side are reserved for Iraq and Afghanistan era killed in action.  It makes me feel good that there are still places in the United States where "Killed in Action" are honored at a government owned facility.

On the courthouse square is Waller's Restaurant.  At 9:00 am, it was very busy.

This is what I ate for breakfast at Waller's Restaurant - two eggs over easy, crisp bacon (four pieces), grits, sourdough toast and coffee - served to me by the daughter of Waller and cooked by Waller - Waller's wife worked the cash register.  Nice.

Bandstand in the park.  I bet there are folks who have never heard the word "Bandstand".

And of course the fountain in the park. 

All in all, I think Bushnell, Florida is a grand place.  Folks around here smile at each other.  Our team likes that.

We will  plan to be in Cedar Key tomorrow.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

On The Way to Florida

Sunrise on Highway US 278 Southbound

Like many small towns in the South, the city of Barnwell, SC has provided a small park for travelers.  Usually these parks are on U S Highways and provide picnic tables and a quite place to rest from driving.  They really come in handy if you are staying away from the interstate.

Tippy says, "Boy, I really appreciate Barnwell's park.  I had to go bad.

One of the features of the town of Estill (on US highway 321 South) is the Bull Durham factory.  My father in law smoked Bull Durham.  The loose tobacco came in a small cloth bag about the size of a cigarette pack.  It was held closed by draw strings.  He would open the bag, shake out tobacco on the paper and roll the paper.  Even after he lighted the cigarette, some of the burning tobacco would fall out and burn holes in his shirt.  In his day almost everyone smoked.

At the Georgia welcome center, I noticed those "things" growing out of the ground and wondered what they were.  Then I noticed the tree above them - - Cypress - - I think those  "things" are called Cypress Knees.  I'm not sure though???

Since Treky has all of this additional equipment, he weights more.  Before, he got 17.6 miles per gallon - now he only gets 16.6  Tippy says, "Bad Treky".

No so many 18-wheelers on the I-95 - I guess because it's Saturday.

We head to Cedar Key on Monday for the week.  Turkey, Ham, and All the Fixins - - Tippy says, "Yeah"

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thinking About Going to Florida

Sunlight filtering through my Crepe Myrtle tree.

We had planned on going to Florida tomorrow but the temperature is  forecast to go down to 19 degrees tonight plus it will be cold in Florida too.  Too cold to enjoy the outside - so we would have to stay inside Treky most of the time - Not good.  So, we have put off departure until next Saturday - Warmer weather expected here and in Florida.

My neighbor planted these two trees 26 years ago.  He selected them based on their colors.  I look forward to watching them change colors every fall.

We are not leaving until Saturday but I'm getting ready - gathering up stuff to load.  That's my old Air Force hat the I bought when we were in Dayton, OH at the AF Museum.  It's not pretty but it's floppy so I can stuff it in my hip pocket and it's washable.

This is our medicine we will pack.  Tippy takes a pill every 12 hours to control his epilepsy - I take two puffs of Symbicort every 12 hours to help my old frost-bitten lungs breath (it really works).  I also take a statin, aspirin and vitamin once a day.

What's the banana for?  - - A banana a day keeps me from having leg or foot cramps at night.  So I guess you could call it medicine too.

Tippy is so disappointed that we are delayed.  But he adapts to every situation - He lives in the now - The future and the past don't worry Tippy.  He's good for me. 

We plan on posting again on Saturday - WiFi permitting.