Saturday, October 18, 2014

Treky Reborn

A very strange thing happened to Treky while we were at the rally in Hillsborough River State Park, Florida.  When we went to sleep, this is the way Treky looked.............

This is the way Treky looked when we woke up the next morning - Metal Flake Brown with solar panels on top???  Otherwise, everything looks the same on the outside.

The spare tire is missing.  It has been relocated under the rear end where the generator was.  Where's the generator?  It's under the hood driven by the Chevrolet engine.  It now puts out 3.0 KW.

Tippy likes the inside - Bamboo  cabinets and radiator heat and air conditioner that runs off the 4 batteries. 

Treky's little shelf is missing so I have to use the fold up table.

One thing that hasn't changed is Sonny's Barbecue baby back ribs.

More about Treky's changes in a day or two as I learn about the new systems. For example: Norcold compressor type refrigerator.

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