Friday, October 10, 2014

Hillsborough River State Park - Last Day

This is a campfire circle - or if campfires are not your thing, the doors on the structure open forming a screen and movies can be shown - makes a nice activity at night - mosquitoes permitting

The trees form a canopy over the campsites - very nice

Throughout the park are nice "dog walking" trails - nice and flat - no inclines for old men to climb. Roadtreks are everywhere.

It's almost impossible to see due to the reflections in the water but there is an alligator there in the Hillsborough River.

When you get away from the cleared camping area, the park is a dense jungle.

Tippy says, "Enough of the dense jungles and alligators, let's get back on pavement and civilization."

Last night, the Roadtrek group had a pizza supper and were entertained by a comedian.  I brought this piece of pizza back to Treky to share with Tippy.  The club does not allow dogs in the eating area - when Tippy heard this rule, his language was too bad to publish.

I will be visiting here in Florida this weekend and then headed home for annual doctor visits (checkups).  My next trip will be to Kissimmee, Florida early in November. 

We may see something interesting before then - if not - we'll see you in November.

Ron, Tippy & Treky

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