Friday, October 24, 2014

At the Beach - but - Not ON the Beach

We are camping at the KOA in Myrtle Beach, SC.  This campground is located about 1/3 mile from the beach and is just off US 17 S at 5th Avenue.  It's heavily wooded -  big change from  camping right on the beach - cheaper too!

 Treky likes it here - I leave my folding chair on the picnic table when we leave the campground to shop to indicate that our site is taken.  In my many years of camping, I have had only two cases of someone stealing something.  That's pretty good odds so I don't worry about theft.

I like my folding table - I've always had one but never used it.  

Note the ceiling rope lights

I can drive Treky.

A river runs through the campground - we have not experienced any mosquitoes or other insects - we leave the windows down - the temperature in the afternoon runs about 65 degrees and in the high 40's at night. - Nice!

Tippy and I enjoy the two or three miles of trails through the campground - We like to walk - Our goal is for me to take 10,000 steps (that equals five miles at my stride) daily - of course 10,000 steps for me equals about 1,000,000 steps for short-legged Tippy.

OK, we've seen this place, let's go somewhere else - let's travel - It's getting to be winter here - we don't like cold - Maybe in a week or so, we can head south.

See yawl then...............

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