Tuesday, October 7, 2014

An Early Start

When Tippy and I went to the RV storage area, we noticed a new resident - a Corvette (we think).  Treky thinks the Corvette is beautiful - He says that she could have parked anywhere in the RV storage area but chose to park next to him - Tippy says, "Just proves that Corvettes have bad eyesight.  Shame Tippy.

Once we got Treky parked in the driveway and plugged in, we all got excited.

"But Tippy, but Treky - it's just 2 am - we need to sleep" - nobody could sleep - We love traveling.

Treky's favorite parking place at the Florida Welcome Center - and look, there's another Roadtrek - We never did see the driver.

Blueberry Hill RV resort is our interim overnight campground.  I have paid up to $45.00 per night at this campground but today, they charged me only $18.00 - The clerk kept asking my if I belonged to this and that RV club  -  I got discounts for many memberships (I belong to too many RV clubs) - the final question was, "Are you a veteran?  When I said yes the clerk said, "That's good for a 50% discount.  Great news.

The first thing we did after checking in was to dump the black and gray tanks and fill the fresh water tank with "fresh water".  Now we are set for long term camping.

Tippy loves the dog run here.

These are "Sand Hill Cranes"  - What a bunch of characters - I laughed and laughed at their antics - Life is good.

One thing, among many, that we like about Florida is the Palm Trees.

We'll see yawl tomorrow from Hillsborough River State Park.

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