Friday, September 19, 2014

Wheels of Yesterday

I have been in love with airplanes and cars since I was a little boy. This is a Pontiac GTO.  In  the 1960's there was a hit song about the GTO - it was what we called a high-performance car.  That is a ratio of less than 11 to  1 weight to horsepower.

In 1967, I owned a 1967 Pontiac convertible.  It was a block long and was fire-engine red exterior and coal black interior.  WOW!

I have never owned a Chevrolet Corvette although I have always admired them - but then, I'm not dead yet so I won't say that I never will own one.  If I did, it would be red - not black like this one.

This is what the cockpit of a white Corvette looks like - NEAT

I'm running out of space but I just had to show a red Corvette.  Can you imagine cruising around town in this?

In the 1960's, car manufacturers added tail fins to car bodies.  Most were in keeping with the size of the car and were in good taste but Plymouth went way overboard with theirs - All show.

I have about 100 car pictures so I'll post more the next couple of days.  The "Wheels of Yesterday" museum is located on highway 501 between Conway and Myrtle Beach, SC next to one of the larger discount outlet centers.

We will see you tomorrow.........

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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