Friday, September 12, 2014

Treky's Tires

When we took Treky to the RV doctor, one of the items on our list was to pump Treky's tires to: 50 psi in the front tires and 80 psi in the rear.  The RV technician commented on the lack of tread wear and the excellent condition of Treky's tires.  This made Treky happy as he is proud of all of his parts.

Treky pointed out that the correct tire pressure for individual vehicles is listed on the inside frame of the driver's side door.  This pressure is suggested by the vehicle manufacturer; however, loading can create a need to change the suggestion.  Treky weights 7700 pounds unloaded.  Then we have to add to that a tank of fresh water, tank of gasoline, etc. and me and Tippy.  I weight 161 pounds and Tippy weighs 16.7 pounds (Treky:  "Yawl are stretching the truth by about 20 pounds").  There is more good information on that decal in the door frame.

Treky likes to point out  that excessive tread wear is not the only dangerous condition with tires.  A tire can be too old to be safe.  How do you know how old a tire is?  See the "DOT" (Department of Transportation)?  There are three sets of digits to the right of the DOT. The one furthermost to the right tells you how old you tire is.  In the case of the tire in this picture, the digits are: 1312.  That means that this tire was manufactured in the 13th week of 2012.
Treky thinks that it pays to check the manufactured date.

Thanks to Treky for today's post.   

More on Treky's trip to the RV doctor tomorrow.

Tippy wants to go to the beach - so we will probably head that way on Tuesday of next week.

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