Thursday, September 11, 2014

Treky Going to the Doctor

Why am I awake and dressed at 4:45 am?  

Because as soon as I park Treky in the driveway, all three of us become excited about taking a trip - even though this trip will be for only 50 miles and we will be back home this afternoon.  We just can't sleep knowing that we are "headed out".

When I asked Tippy why he's not helping us get ready to go, he said, "I'm thinking about the best route for us to take and I can think better in this position."  Ha, Ha.

Treky is going to have: a 110 volt outlet replaced, the refrigerator latch adjusted, the valve that controls fresh water to the toilet replaced, his generator oil changed, his tires pumped up to 50 PSI in the front and 80 PSI the the rear, and get his propane tank filled.

I will attempt to record these repairs if they will let me in the shop to watch the technicians do their work.

I will post again tomorrow.

See you then,

Ron, Tippy, & Treky

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