Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ocean Lakes Campground

Ocean Lakes Family Campground is one of the nicest campgrounds in Myrtle Beach.  It is owned and operated by the Jackson family.  When I first came here in the 1980's Mr. & Mrs. Jackson operated it.  The campground owns about a mile of beach.  How much is that worth?  There are 893 transient sites and 2506 annually leased sites.  Even now in the middle of September, I got one of the 10 open sites.  The Jacksons are very religious people and don't tolerate any bad behavior.  I like it here but it's expensive.

Tippy and I walked right up to this little bird.  We got within two feet of it before it flew away.  Tippy thinks it has become accustomed to people here  They probably feed it so it's not afraid of them.  Tippy thinks he would like to try that and he says that he won't run away if they feed him.

This little lake is one of my favorite spots.  I used to catch fish here but that is not allowed now.  There are benches where Tippy and I can sit and contemplate the solution to all the world's problems.

The little lake has a duck population.  There a box next to the lake that dispenses corn to feed the ducks.  They follow you when you walk around the lake.

There are flowers planted all around the campground.  I like blue flowers.

Tippy likes yellow and red flowers.

We both think this ground cover is pretty.

Treky is parked back up there somewhere under those trees in site 4062.  He has water, 30 amp electricity, cable TV and a level site.  He's happy.

We're going to do something tomorrow - not sure what.

See you then

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