Monday, September 1, 2014

New Blog - Why

Why would I start a new blog?   My old blog was started to keep my family, friends and neighbors informed of my where abouts.  I was married for 63 years and never left the house without telling someone where I was going.  Then when my wife died, there was no one to tell. so I started the blog to keep friends, family and neighbors informed - it made me feel better.  The problem with the old blog is that it was very successful - it was out there in cyberspace and anyone on the globe could view and comment on it.  Last month, there were over 7,000 views and lots of them liked to make comments - all of the comments were favorable.  Publishing the blog and attempting to answer some of the commenters' questions became a chore.  

Excuse me.  Tippy wanted his picture by himself.  He says that he's a full member of this team and deserves his own picture. 

 So, anyway, with 7,000 views in one month, the original purpose of the blog was lost.

Treky wanted a new blog because his name was not included in the title of the old blog.  

We had a team meeting and all three of us felt that the old blog had lost its intended purpose and had opened up the entire team's lives to folks we really don't know.  Tippy feels that it is very unwise to tell everyone in cyberspace when we will be away from home and where we will be.

Tippy, Ron and Treky say, "If you are reading this, then we consider you one of our friends, neighbors or family and thanks for being there for us"

Next week, we will publish our travel schedule for the rest of the year.

We do like comments FROM YOU.

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  1. Dear Ron and TIppy,
    It has been a long time since we received any news from you. We surely hope all is well. We are ready to accompany you on your next exciting trip to distant and interesting places. and, HEY... Happy Veterans' Day! Marv Cowles Auburn WA