Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Last of the Beach Pictures

One day, I had lunch at the K&W cafeteria.  Hamburger steak, roll, sweet potatoes and lemon meringue pie cost about $8.25.  K&W always has good food at low prices.

 When you to the beach, you gotta get a picture of the Atlantic Ocean.

Treky noticed these birds sitting on a wire high above the campers and explained that they are there to "bomb" trailers and motor homes.  So far,  Treky has dodged their "bombs".

Treky had a wonderful parking place at the Art Museum.

The Art Museum looked like it would be very interesting but when they informed me that they do not allow photography and ..............

They do not allow dogs, All three of us said, "Poo on this" and left.

We are at the FMCA rally near Asheville, North Carolina today.  We expect to be here through Saturday and will start posting about it tomorrow.  There is no WiFi here so we are using the hot spot on our Android phone. It produces an excellent and strong signal but it uses some of the four Gigabits of data allowed under my Verizon plan - no problem though as I have never used that much in a month.

We look forward to finding new experiences here at the FMCA rally.

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