Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Going to the Beach

Tippy's favorite trip has always been to the beach.  When the team decided to go to Myrtle Beach for three days, Tippy went straight to the dining room window overlooking the driveway.  He waited there for hours anticipating the arrival of Treky.

It was after dark before Treky showed up in the driveway but when he did, he was ready to go.  All of his systems had been checked out and repaired as necessary and he was full of gas and fresh water.  He was almost as excited as Tippy was.

Tippy was relieved to see Treky in the driveway.  All he had to do now is wait - might as well curl up in his little bed and take a nap until morning (very early morning)

We stopped at one rest area half way to the beach.  You can see how early we left - Over Treky's right shoulder, the sun is coming up.

On arriving at Myrtle Beach, our first stop was at Walmart to get a few groceries.  Look who greeted us.  Treky said, "Those guys belong in Canada - it's still summer - maybe we are going to have an early winter."

The Canada Geese were not the only surprise.  Do you notice anything different about Walmart?  It's something we have never seen anywhere.

It's a "Neighborhood Market" Walmart - Have you ever heard of anything like that?  Ron loves it.  It's just the right size - more like a grocery store than a typical Walmart. Ron says, "I'm 84 years old and I try to learn something new everyday. This Neighborhood Market Walmart is my something new for today."

Tomorrow, we will explore our Ocean Lakes Campground.

Thanks for putting up with our foolishness.

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  1. Foolishness? Not a bit of it! The World is better off for the whimsy shared by folks such as you. Have a great time at the beach and watch for sharks! Marv Cowles