Sunday, September 28, 2014

GEAR Rally - Third Day

The name and theme of this rally is "It's Showtime".  I guess this is related to the entertainment.

One of my favorite parts of the rally is the donuts and coffee each morning at 7:30.  One morning I had chocolate cake and cream filled donuts.

This is a refurbished 1974 Winnebago Indian.  When motorhomes first became popular in the 1970's, Winnebago had the market tied up to the extent that all motorhomes were called Winnebagos.  Almost every part on this one is new but the style is still 1974.

You can see how nice the weather is.  Sixty-five degrees at 9:24 am.  We are used to temperatures in the 90's.  We slept good!

Free line-dancing lessons were offered each morning.  I enjoyed watching but I wasn't about to embarrass myself and the rest of the team by  participating.  Tippy says that I have two left feet.  Treky says I would have a heart attack.  I don't know how I stand these two.

There must have been about a hundred vendors selling everything related to motorhome life that you can imagine.  I looked at everything and almost bought several things that I don't need.  I did buy a windbreaker with an FMCA emblem - I don't need it either.

Every attempt was made to park chapter members close together. There were chapters represented from all of the eastern states as well as chapters representing most brands of motorhomes.

One such chapter was the Frustrated Maestros.  This is the sign posted at their parking area.  I think the sign is great.

We have about two or three more posts related to this rally.  Then we have a Roadtrek rally in October and another Roadtrek rally in November.

We will be having team meetings throughout the months of October and November to plan our 2015 trips.  Treky ran 30,000 miles this year and I expect he will do at least that in 2015.  There is still lots and lots to see here in the USA.

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