Friday, September 26, 2014

GEAR Rally Second Day

I am told that this motorhome lists for over one million $ new.  Treky says, "Lets move on - enough of these big expensive highways hogs".  Shame on Treky - I think he is jealous.

All of us, including Treky, got a laugh out of this.  The sign is on the rear of a Chevrolet Suburban - If the letters are too small to read, it says, "Please be patient.  I am pushing a  big motorhome - The Surburban is towed behind, as it says, a BIG motorhome.  

 Tippy trying to decide which service he wants to attend.  

We found this in the New Motorhomes for Sale area.  It's an Airstream built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis.  Tippy and I liked it but old sourpuss Treky said it looks like a hearse.  Shame on Treky.

  The only vendor food available is at this restaurant.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, etc type food served here.  I got a cheeseburger and chips for lunch and brought it back to Treky to share with Tippy.  We would have preferred "Carnival" food that is available at many FMCA rallies.

The rally is being held at a fairgrounds and there are miles and miles of stables and barns like this throughout.  Tippy says that those miles of barns hold miles of big cows and horses - He thinks the smell would be something to remember.

 Yesterday afternoon, we were treated to an ice cream social.  It was sponsored by Tom Johnson RV Sales.  I had vanilla ice cream dribbled with chocolate syrup and covered with whipped cream.  Tippy got none of that.

While we were eating our ice cream, we were serenaded by the Frustrated Maestros Combo Band.  At this gathering, they mostly played German Om Pah music - would have been appropriate for and October Fest.  The Frustrated Maestros are talented musicians who also happened to be RV'ers.  They attend many FMCA rallies and are actually a chapter of FMCA unto themselves.

All the above was yesterday.  Who knows what today will bring?  We expect to find out.

We will probably leave tomorrow as there are somethings at home that need attention.  

Treky says, "That's the way this crew is - We got here a day early as we just couldn't wait to travel and now we are going to leave a day early"  Ron, Tippy and Treky all say, "We do that and everything else because,   That's what we want to do.  Today  is a Gift and we appreciate that day and intend to use it to the fullest."

I have at least two or three more posts about this rally.  I'll post them from home.  We will be home for about a week and then we will go to a Roadtrek rally near Tampa for a few days.

Ron, Tippy and Treky say, "We hope you are having as much fun and are enjoying life as much as we are!

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