Thursday, September 25, 2014

GEAR Rally - First Day

The FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) GEAR rally is being held at the Western North Carolina Agricultural  Center in Fletcher, NC.  This is a suburb of Asheville, NC.  We are located next to the Asheville airport. The rally officially starts today (Thursday) and ends Sunday morning; however, we got here Tuesday - early in order to get a parking spot.  

Tippy thinks there is a misspelled word on the sign????????

Many RV'ers have a little sign that they place in front of their rig showing their names and hometowns.  All we have to do is flap-down our sun visor - Treky is OK with his name not being on there as his name is on the van body just above the windshield.  You can see Good Sam sleeping the on the dashboard.

 This is our new and we hope final location.  We have been moved several times to make room for larger motor homes. Treky is small and can squeeze in most anywhere.  We are happy where ever.

 This is one of the buildings where most of the rally activities will occur.  It is larger than a football field.  Some of the seminars for today are: 
Coffee and donuts at 7:30 am accompanied by the "Frustrated Maestros" (a volunteer group of musicians who seem to attend most of the FMCA rallys" - I really enjoy listening to them.
8:00 am - Non Denominational Devotions
8:00 am - Interior and exterior renovations
8:00 am - Fire and Safety in Your RV
That's just the first hour.  Similar subjects are presented all day until 4:30 pm.  Then at 7:30 pm, "The Vogues" will entertain us.

Concrete walkways are provided throughout the facility.   Most fairgrounds turn into a sea of mud when it rains. It hasn't rained here but the walkways are nice anyway.  Tippy says the concrete is much easier on his old paws than gravel.

This place is "PACKED".  Every available parking spot is full and some are parked on the grass.  Treky is the responsible member of our team for making reservations.  He sent in our reservation form and money way back in July plus he got us here two days before the rally actually started.

Tomorrow, we will post a little about some of the seminars that we attend today.  Verizon has one that I am particularly interested in. - Tippy says, "Ron you ended a sentence with a preposition".   Tippy may not get a treat all day today.

We'll talk to yawl tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy, & Treky

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